Dorcas Gazelle

Dorcas Gazelle


DORCAS GAZELLE  - Gazella dorcas

Hebrew: “Tzvi hanegev


The dorcas gazelle is closely associated to its relative found in the Galilee, the Golan Heights and Judean desert. Nonetheless this gazelle is found in the Negev and Judean Deserts.

Dorcas gazelles have adapted to the high heat of the desert and mostly feed on leaves, flowers and many species of acacia trees. It is reported that they can go prolonged periods without drinking having the ability to absorb moisture from plants in their diets.


These animals are known to have been present in Israel since biblical times giving way to one of Israel’s nickname to be “Land of the Gazelle,”  “Eretz Hatzvi.” 

The Hebrew word for Gazelle “Tzvi” also means, glory, beauty or splendor. 


This particular gazelle is also present in various mosaic maps of the Holy Land with this specific animal being inspired in the famous Byzantine era mosaic map of Madaba.


Location in map:


Total tesserae used 226


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